Hi, I’m Kayla Roof, Business Advisor for you-the ambitious go-getter that wants to start your own successful business.

You’ve had ideas floating around in your head for years.

But then life got in the way and for one reason or another, those ideas haven’t taken flight yet.

You know you were created for more. 

You’re done working the typical nine to five, with no control over your schedule or your time off. 

Maybe you want to be at home with your children, but you also want to share your gifts with the world.

You want to be a supportive spouse, but you know there’s something else you were destined to do, too.

You’re Not Alone.

I know what it’s like being a Mom, juggling all that life throws at you, and having big dreams.

I also know how amazing it feels to finally put those ideas to work and build your dream business!

I don’t just view Kayla as a business expert when it comes to online marketing, sales funnels, advertising, and idea-building. I view Kayla as someone that can take a concept and completely open up ways to take it from good to amazing. She is a mentor, a friend, and a truly caring person. Her passion to help other military spouses is so evident in all of the work she does!

Chrissa B.

Physical Kitchness

Kayla’s professionalism and passion for her work is evident in everything she has helped me with. She was quick to answer questions and attentive to details that I was missing. She knew I was a business owner that had never attempted a website or E-commerce business. She was easy to work with and never made me feel silly for asking questions that may have seemed simple. She truly wants to help business owners succeed.

Sommer M.

Owner, Personally Anchored

Kayla has a seemingly endless wealth of marketing experience to draw from. The advice she gave helped to pull the final pieces of my product together. She has assisted me in developing and pricing the marketing options to best meet the needs of my clients. Kayla provided the information and experience I was looking for, and empowered me expand the options and services I was providing. Thanks Kayla!

Charlotte M.

My Active Child

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