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Video is what I like to call “The Ultimate Game Changer” for your business. It is one of the best ways to build a connection with your prospective customers. It’s a great tool to build trust and credibility for your business very quickly. You have a message to share, it’s time to get it out there. Be seen, be heard and grow your audience. One of the biggest struggles I see with business owners is that they may have an amazing website,  they have great products and services, but hardly anyone knows about them!  Video provides a way for people to get to know you much faster than any other medium. Getting to see someone face-to-face can be the game changer for your business. You can turn a prospective buyer into an immediate buyer in just minutes.  I’m excited to share with you today 25 incredibly smart ways to use video to be seen and heard! If you’re ready to grow your business quickly, then pay close attention to these methods.

  1. Create a Welcome Video. This welcome video can live on the home page of your website or on your about page. You can also use a welcome video on your Facebook Page, or use it as a Pinned Post in your Facebook Group. You can also create a welcome video to be sent out when someone subscribes to your email list.
  2. Share Your Story-A brand video tells your story and provides a call to action. Sharing your story builds an instant connection and shows your authenticity. The call to action at the end can be to sign up for your email list, comment on the video below, email me,  invite them to take the next step in working with you, or encourage them to buy now. I have what I like to call my “MY STORY VIDEO” on the WorkfromAnywhereAcademy.com home page.  This video also lives on my Facebook page and on YouTube.  I also used this video as a Facebook Ad to invite people to sign up for my free workshops, I just edit the ending differently.
  3. Thank You Video-When someone purchases a product or service from you, you could have a link that goes directly to a video where you thank them for their purchase. Even if you don’t have a website, you could still create a video on your cell phone and upload that video to youtube. If you don’t want it public, just click “unlisted” on the privacy settings and then share that link via email or text with your buyers. If you do have a website then embed the video in your thank you page OR send it out in an email once they’ve completed their purchase.
  4. Video Blog Posts-Create videos about topics you would otherwise write about. You can even BATCH this.  Write out your ideas ahead of time, then take one day to create all of your videos. You can switch out your shirts to make it look like it’s a different day.
  5. RePurpose Your Video: Once you create those videos, you can then embed the videos on your blog AND THEN upload the video natively to Facebook. Natively means you take the .mp4 and upload THAT to Facebook. You’ll get a much bigger reach on your page if you use the video file instead of LINKING to your blog post with a video inside of it. You can also upload it to YouTube, LinkedIn or any of your other social media channels.
  6. Facebook LIVES-If you’re using Facebook as a tool for your business, you’ve GOT TO BE DOING LIVES. Facebook’s algorithm gives more preference to video that is live than video that is not. You will get a MUCH higher reach from a Facebook Live than any other method of posting on this medium. You can also repurpose your live video by putting it into a blog post and uploading it to your YouTube channel.
  7. Guest LIVES-Much like guest blogging you can reach out to other bloggers and see if they might be interested in allowing you to do a guest live on their page. Offer to teach on a topic MUCH like you would do when asking to GUEST blog but instead this is a guest video. They can make you a live contributor to their page temporarily and after the guest live is through, they can revoke your access to the page.
  8. Instagram Stories-If Instagram is your JAM you can use video in both Instagram stories OR you can also utilize Instagram LIVE as well. As of right now, you cannot save an Instagram LIVE like you can on Facebook so you can’t repurpose that content today, but that could change in the future.  When using Instagram stories, you have the opportunity to show more behind the scenes of your business, how-to’s and a peek into your family or personal life. What you want to make sure you’re doing though from time to time is providing a way to convert your followers to customers so provide a URL to get them off Instagram and onto your site and/or email list. Use stories to promote your free opt-in. Give an awesome tid-bit of information and then tell them to hop over to this url to get more. Or, if you’re hosting a sale that day give them a glimpse of what you have to offer and then BUILD IN URGENCY, you want to give them a reason to hop OFF Instagram and onto your website to take action
  9. SNAPCHAT-if your demographic is 18-34, then snapchat could be a great place for you to be. You can also create stories as well with a mix of video and photos, and customize your content by adding text, emojis and filters.
  10. Periscope is Twitters live video form and even though Facebook LIVE rolled out after Periscope, it is still very popular and many businesses are seeing great results from utilizing this medium.
  11. YouTube-Create your own video channel. If you’re making videos, then you need to have a YouTube channel. You can easily expand your reach by uploading your videos to YouTube. It’s great for search engine optimization!
  12. Quick Tips –Much like the video blog posts, you can create 2-3 minute videos with quick tips and upload those to Facebook, YouTube and use as blog posts.
  13. Create How-To Videos-This is the perfect medium to show how your product really works. If you wrote a book, open up the pages so they can see inside, if you have a clothing line, show how to wear all the different products. Offer tips on how to use your products. Once people can envision how to use your products and services in their lives, they are way more likely to buy.  You can also put these How To Videos on your product sales pages, upload them into your group, on your Facebook page and to your YouTube channel. Make one video and repurpose it in multiple places.
  14. Answer Questions-Create a list of frequently asked questions and then do a video addresses all of those questions.
  15. Share Breaking News-Did you just receive a new product in the mail? Have you decided to offer something NEW?  Do a breaking news video!
  16. Give a Behind the Scenes Tour-show your office and what a day to day life inside your business looks like. Include a call to action for them to upload their own behind the scenes videos too.
  17. Show Your Daily Schedule –you could create a video that goes throughout your day. Instagram Stories is also great for this because you can really follow someone from sun up to sun down with the stories.
  18. Recognize Your Team-video is an awesome way to build up morale within your company or in your Facebook group. Create a video and recognize your team, followers, group members or customers today.
  19. Interview Someone– You can use any screen recording feature to record an interview. You could do Skype or use Zoom and interview someone to create a new video. Facebook just released the ability to add a friend to your Facebook Lives. You can also use BeLive.TV to host your interviews on your Facebook pages.
  20. Video Testimonials-Record your customers giving raving reviews about your products and services on video. This makes a huge impact because then people see that those written testimonials are even more real because they heard it from the horses mouth.
  21. Run a Series of videos on a common topic: Marketing Monday-each Monday you upload a video talking about marketing strategies. Or you let everyone know that TUESDAYS at 7PM are your LIVE NIGHTS where they can pop in and ask questions or maybe it’s Friday is COFFEE DAY and you meet for LIVE coffee with your followers every Friday at 10am.
  22. Host a FREE WEBINAR: Teach on a topic for 30-60 minutes where they can see your face. You can do this by using Webinar software. My favorite tool for webinars is Zoom.
  23. Create a Free Email Course with Video-this is a strategy to grow your email list where people can sign up to receive a daily video from you and you provide great free information on a certain topic. For example, I could host a 5 Day Be Seen & Heard Video Course where each day I would show you a different way of utilizing video. You can do this for any topic.
  24. Run a Free Challenge: Challenges have become really popular ways to grow email lists. Usually a challenge consists of 5-10 days of giving out free content to your followers and then selling them your program or products and services once the free challenge is complete.  In this video challenge, you could create a group on Facebook where you will go live each day for 5 days and you’ll teach on a certain topic in this live video. (You can also use Periscope instead of a Facebook Live in a group)
  25. Run Video Ads – FACEBOOK VIDEO ADS ARE SO POWERFUL. You can get video views for pennies on the dollar. My last video, I was down to 2 CENTS PER VIEW. The neat thing about Facebook Video ads is that not only can you use them to grow your business and email list, you can also re-target the people who watch them with other offers later.


So now that I’ve given your OVER 25 different ways you use video, I want you to think about JUST ONE WAY you could use video this week to help grow your business! Be seen, be heard, get your message out there!

Want to up your Facebook Live Game? Download The Facebook Live Checklist here by clicking the image below. I’ll send it to you right away.




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