3 Can't Miss Calls for the MilSpouse That Wants a Freedom Based Business | Save your Spot today

Join me over the next 2 weeks for 3 can’t miss calls!  If you’re ready to create, launch or grow a business that will allow you the freedom to work from any duty station, then be sure to hop on these free training calls.  I’ll be showing you step-by-step exactly what you need to do in order to kick-start your business.  Here’s the thing,  I know you’re busy so I’m going to make these calls 30 minutes.

Here’s the details:


Call #1:

First Steps in Creating Your Own PCS Proof Business

Wednesday, February 15th at 8PM Eastern

Call #2: 

5 Awesome Business Models that Allow MilSpouses to Work from Any Duty Station

Friday, February 17th at 2PM Eastern

(1PM Central, 12PM Mountain, 11AM Pacific, 9AM Hawaii)

Call # 3

 How to Build a Business When You Can’t Handle One More Thing on Your Plate

Wednesday, February 22nd at 8PM Eastern

(7PM Central, 6PM Mountain, 5PM Pacific, 3PM Hawaii)



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