33 Work From Anywhere Business Ideas for the Milspouse to Start

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In 2012, I was pregnant with my first born and we had an upcoming PCS scheduled for a few months later.  Up until the birth of my son, I had worked in television, selling advertising for NBC, FOX, CW and CBS. My career proved to be very transferable starting in Atlanta, then moving to San Diego, and then to Jacksonville, Florida. Each time, I had to start over with a new company, but I never had any issues finding a job in the industry.  For eight years, I thought that was pretty amazing. When we decided to have a baby, I knew I wanted to find a way to still work and follow my career ambitions, but also stay home with my little one. I knew it was possible, I just had to discover how.  The television station I worked for was NOT into telecommuting sales reps so I needed to figure this out on my own. With a new baby, deployment looming, and an upcoming PCS, I knew my current job was not going to be sustainable.  It was at that time, 9 months pregnant with my first born, that I decided to start my own company.

The first company I created was an advertising agency, The Media Tour. I took the skills I had built over the last 8 years and put them to work. I contacted a client of mine from the TV station and asked him if he would like to hire me to do all of his media buying and social media.  He said YES and I had my first client. I didn’t have a website, I didn’t have an LLC established, but I did have a client and revenue coming in.  Since then, I was able to successfully get through another deployment, move across the country, have a 2nd child, and add more clients to my business.  Having the freedom to work from anywhere has been amazing.  When my husband deployed for 9 months, I was able to jet off to Dubai to meet him without having to worry about vacation days. I brought my laptop just in case a client needed me.

As a military spouse, our careers are often put on hold, or we end up doing a job we can’t stand due to the nature of our always moving lifestyle.  Have you thought about starting your own business?  I bet you have skills, knowledge and passions, that you could harness to build a business that will allow you to work from anywhere. Don’t let the military lifestyle slow you down from accomplishing what you know in your heart, you were born to do.  Here’s a list of 33 Work from Anywhere ideas for the MilSpouse to start:

  1. Social Media Manager
  2. Freelance on UpWork.com or Fiverr.com
  3. Photographer
  4. Create an eCourse on ANYTHING and Sell it Online through your own website or on eCourse platforms like Teachable.com, Teachery.co, Udemy.com, or Kajabinext.com
  5. E-Commerce-Develop a product, sell it on your own site, or use Shopify.com
  6. Write an eBook or How To Program and Sell it on GumRoad.com
  7. Craft Business-Sell your homemade creations on Etsy
  8. Write a How To Survive Deployment eBook and Sell it Online
  9. Create a monthly subscription service like  “care package of the month club.”
  10. Blogging- pick a topic you’re passionate about and create a blog. Make money by creating large amounts of traffic via social media, affiliate marketing, sell sponsorships, or sell an eBook or eCourse on your blog topic.
  11. Podcasting or Vlogging (Video Blogging) and become a YouTube Star
  12. Start a tutoring business for military (or local) children in your area or tutor online through Tutor.com, TutorVista.com, Upwork.com or Fiverr.com
  13. Virtual Tax Preparer
  14. Vacation Planner
  15. Tour Guide
  16. Become a health coach. Take a niche like Paleo, Whole30, Organic, Non GMO eating and educate others on a new lifestyle through ecourses, one one one training and group coaching.
  17. Real Estate-sell homes wherever you live
  18. Buy homes and become a landlord
  19. Deployment Coaching-help military spouses survive and thrive during deployment through coaching, eBooks or eCourses.
  20. Teach ANYTHING! (Read this: How Teaching Can Be Your New Business)
  21. Become a learning coach at an online college (check the jobs pages at online colleges like snhu.com)
  22. Online Marketing Strategist/Marketing Consultant
  23. Medical and Legal Transcription
  24. Facebook Advertising Consultant-know more than anyone else about Facebook ads? Help other businesses do it.
  25. Fitness Coach-Motivate others through social media, private, and group coaching.
  26. Search Engine Marketing Consultant-Get certified at ed2go.com
  27. Website Developer
  28. Menu Planner-Sell a monthly menu planner to busy moms online
  29. Parenting Coach- Create a blog or online course to help moms and dads become better parents. Pick a niche like baby led weaning, feeding toddlers, sleep techniques, positive parenting, behavior and more.
  30. Graphic Design
  31. Copywriting-help people write their websites, blogs, marketing pamphlets.
  32. Teach English online or in your local area.
  33. Organizer-show others how to better organize their homes, businesses, and lives.

See an idea that gets you excited? GO FOR IT!  There’s no time like the present to get going on your new work from anywhere idea. 




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