The WOW FACTOR! In today’s video, I share with you how you take your customer experience from good to next level, WOW. Adding a “WOW Factor” is what makes your customers fall in love with your business.  It’s the differentiator between you and your competition. This “WOW” is what will generate repeat business for you, reinforce your brand and create a stronger relationship between you and your customers.  There are a number of ways to create the WOW. I’m going to share with you a few simple ideas to create this WOW experience for your business.


It today’s video, I’m talking about how to ADD the WOW Factor into Your Business. 


  1. Send a handwritten note. Everyone loves snail mail. A note of gratitude, kind thoughts or inspiration go a long way to creating great relationships with your customers.

2. Add some pizazz to your packaging.  Are you simply sending your package on time, or did you wrap it up and make the opening a fun experience for the buyer? The unwrapping experience will stick with your customers and they’ll look forward to another purchase with you.  BONUS POINTS for adding a handwritten note with your gorgeous packaging. If you’re a digital business, think about how you can create a welcoming digital experience. How about emailing them a welcome video?

3. Send an unexpected gift.  It doesn’t matter if you’re a service based business, digital business or physical product business, you can always send a little something extra for your customers to create the WOW.   This can come in the form of BONUSES with a purchase. These can be sent digitally or physically. If you’re a digital business, consider sending a physical gift in the mail. (GASP!, SO UNEXPECTED) If you’re a physical based business where they are expecting mail from you, send a little something extra with their item.

4. Never underestimate the power of a cup of coffee. Starbucks makes it easy with e-gift cards. Send your customers a cup of coffee on you, five bucks can go along way.  This is an especially great WOW factor if your customers are experiencing any technical issues with your products. While you’re getting the problem fixed, send over a cup of coffee while they wait.

5. The holidays are coming soon. Have you planned on sending a card out to your past customers this year? Let your customers know you’re thinking of them. It’s a thoughtful gesture to remind them of your business.

Creating the WOW factor is all about OVER-DELIVERING for your customers. The more value you can provide, the more you’ll build a trust factor, which will keep your customers coming back for more.

How do you WOW your customers?  Tell me about it! 



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