At some point, you just get used to doing things alone. Milspoprenuer-This is the one thing you DON'T have to do alone.
Dear Ambitious Military Spouse,
I want to share something with you today because I think if anyone understands, it’s you. When I stepped out of the corporate world and into mommy-hood, I was thrilled.  I wanted nothing more than to be home with my little man.  I started my own business, secured my first client and I was excited to be stay home with the baby. The days were long for this social butterfly and I couldn’t wait for my husband to get home from work so I had someone to talk to. Then he deployed….for nine months. If I thought the days were long before, they ticked on for eternity during deployment.

I spent my days like most mil-spouses do during deployment.

I scheduled activities, invited friends over for dinner, and planned trips to visit family (that is, before the baby started hating the car seat which made road trips miserable). I worked on my business during nap times and many late nights.  At some point, you just get used to doing things alone. You spend your nights alone, you raise your kids alone, you attend weddings alone, and if you’re really ambitious, you even go to the movies alone (guilty).  If you’re a business owner, then you also work on your business alone with no one to hear about your great ideas.

At the time I didn’t know any other entrepreneurs.

…ANY OTHER entrepreneurs besides my brother, but he was very busy building his own empire. Most of my friends either were in corporate America or had decided to stay home with their children and not work anymore.  It felt like NO ONE GOT ME. Heck, I barely got me. Caught between trying to be stay-at-home Mom mixed with a working Mom made it tough to identify who I was.  I guess I was technically categorized as a “work-at-home Mom” but I think EVERY Mom is a work-at-home Mom so I’ve come to the conclusion that labels just aren’t for me. I didn’t quite fit anywhere and when it came to support in growing my business, I didn’t have any of that either.

Like most of us,  I just had to figure it out.

Here’s something you need to know about me. I’m a little stubborn and when it comes to wanting to do it ALL on my own, I am just like your hard-headed little three old crossing their arms yelling, “I’LL DO IT MYSELF.”  Even when hubby came home from deployment, it took me a few weeks to LET him take out the trash because I was so used to doing it all on my own. I LOVE to DIY, I built my websites myself, I went out and got my clients on my own, I have always prided myself in just figuring it out.  BUT….when it came to taking my business from good to AMAZING, I knew there were a few things that were going to take WAY too much time to figure out.  With everything else I have going on in life, Mom, military life, deployments, PCS’s, kids, laundry and LIFE in general, I didn’t have time anymore for the “I’ll figure it out all by myself” attitude.
There was a changing factor for me that TRULY up-leveled my business and changed the way I looked at building a business and working from home.  I invested in a program to be a part of a community of other entrepreneurs, women just like me that were hustling at nap time. It was LIFE CHANGING.  When I got stuck on something, instead of it taking me HOURS to figure out, I just asked someone else and got the answer right away. This lowered my stress level, built my business and allowed for more time with my family instead of constantly DIYing everything.

I tell you this story because you don’t have to work alone anymore either.

You don’t have to spend those long days and nights doing this on your own, wondering if you’re EVER going to make any money.  I’ve created a roadmap FOR YOU. I bottled up all of my 12 years of marketing consulting for business owners, along with those late nights earning my MBA, combined with four years of rocking my businesses. I specifically designed The Work from Anywhere Business Academy to be a step-by-step learning community so that you can take what you learn and USE it right away.

So if you’re ready to STOP working alone, if you’re ready to START accelerating your business, if you’re ready to hit FAST-FORWARD on your income, then let’s do this. I’m here to help. I’ve also created a FREE TRAINING for you on How to Create your Own PCS Proof Business. In it you’ll learn, how to pick the right business idea, the 4 Money Makers that will allow you to work from anywhere and what you need to know before you grow your business. This will give you an idea of how I teach and what I’m all about.  You can grab it here by clicking the image below.

Here’s to working at home but not alone,



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