If you've thought about starting a blog, you totally should! But, before you do, make sure you watch this video to find out what you MUST do FIRST. |Kayla Roof Business Advisor for Ambitious Military Spouses

Today I am very excited to invite you to a brand new, free training I’ve created for you called “Create Your PCS Proof Business.” This is a free 3-part video series that will help you find the right business idea, show you how to make money online, and help you overcome the biggest fears to starting a business.


If the thought HAS EVER crossed your mind to start your own business, then you want to dive right into this training.


If you feel overwhelmed with all the steps involved in starting a business, then I have some actionable steps and advice for you to make it easy.


If you already own a business, then I have some great ideas to help you add more streams of income to your business.

Here’s what we’ll cover in each of the “Create your PCS Proof Business” trainings:

Video 1:

How to Choose the “RIGHT” Idea

  • Discover how to identify an idea based on your unique gifts, talents and expertise
  • Learn The 9 Step Checklist to find-out if your business aligns with your passions
  • Complete The “Test” to discover if your idea will fly


Video 2:

4 Money Makers that Will Allow You to Work from Anywhere

  • Discover PCS Proof businesses you can start this week
  • Learn how to make money online
  • Figure out how to creating products and services that sell
  • Find-Out how bloggers make money


Video 3:

Overcoming the 6 Biggest Fears in Business

  • Learn the 3 Steps to making sure your business won’t fail
  • Find-Out what to do if there’s already a lot competition in your Industry
  • Master how to balance military life and owning a business


Anchored in Your Success,



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