How to Jump-Start Power Productivity Mode in 3 Easy Steps-DO THIS TODAY

Are you still in Summer mode or are you ready to get into Power Productivity mode?

Summer is winding down and school is getting back in session.

This the perfect time of year to start new routines, create new goals, and make sure you’re on track to do everything you wanted to do in 2017.

But how do we bust out of this summer mode and get into power productivity mode?

I’m going to share with you 3 steps you can take today to get back at it: 

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Need a jump-start?Here's 3 things you can do TODAY to go from Summer mode to Power Productivity mode:

Posted by Kayla Roof on Thursday, August 17, 2017

Step 1:   Plan Out Your Ideal Week

I want you to look at Monday-Sunday 7am-11pm or whatever your waking hours are. If everything went your way, what would your week look like? We moved to a new city so everything about our schedule is going to be different now. The days my kids go to preschool are different, the times my husband goes and comes home from work are different. Even the time it takes to get to places is different. Maybe your kids are in a different stage now and sports and activities are on new days.

Let’s map out your ideal week.

I want you to put down the HOURS you’re going to commit to working on your business. Then, I want you to think about something you’ve been wanting to do or to get back into this year. Personally, I have been wanting to get back to yoga. So I looked up the time and I put it into my schedule. As soon as preschool starts up again, I’m going to be at yoga once a week.

Once you map out this ideal week, you’re going to know exactly how much time you can devote to your business. If you’re planning out your ideal week and you’re starting to get a little anxious, feeling like you HAVE NO TIME, then you’ve got to examine your priorities.

Is there something you need to say no to in order to make time to commit to your business?

If you’re a parent of littles that aren’t in preschool yet, you may want to consider doing a babysitter share, hiring a nanny or getting involved in a babysitting co-op to give yourself a more hours each week.

You may have to consider waking up a little earlier or going to bed a little later.


Step 2:   Identify 3 Goals You Want to Accomplish Before December 31st

You’ve got plenty of time to making things happen.

What systems do you need in place?

How much money do you want to make?

Write these down and put them somewhere where you can see them everyday.

When you write down your goals, I want you to then bullet point the steps you need to take to reach that goal. When you do that is there something you don’t know how to do, that you need help with? I want you to identify the gap.

Sometimes it’s time, sometimes it’s help with technology, sometimes it’s figuring out a revenue plan, or how to simply let people know about your business and get more sales.


(I’m always here if you need me, simply email me if you need)


Step 3: Start Selling TODAY

One simple thing you can do this week is to tell everybody what you do and what you have for sale. You can send this out in an email, preferably to your email list that you’ve created.

You can also:

  • Do a Facebook Live and tell people who you are and what you have for sale.
  • Post on Social Media, the key here is to remind people that YOU’RE IN BUSINESS. So often we’re just putting up nice quotes and cool pictures and yet not telling people what you have to offer. DO IT. People want to know how you can help them.
  • Follow up with potential customers that have shown interest earlier this year. The time may be right, now.

If you want to make more money, you have to sell your products and services.

If you are lost as to what your business actually needs help with, or you know that you need help with you’re just not sure how to connect the dots, I’d be happy to jump on the phone with you for a complimentary 15 minute consult. Go to and set up a time to chat.



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