Military Spouse: 7 Reasons to Start Your Own Business-Pin this to find out why!

Holding down a career as a military spouse is tough. Getting orders to move every two to four years makes it almost impossible to hold down a typical career.  If you have a family, working outside the home doesn’t always make sense financially when you factor in the cost of daycare. I get it, I started my career over three times in three different cities before I finally had enough.  There IS a way to have a career, work from home AND not have to start over every single move. Never in history has it been so easy to create your own business. I’m going to share with you today seven reasons to start your own business.

1. You’re brilliant.

No, really. You are. You have your own set of unique skills, talents, experiences and areas of expertise.  All you need to do is bottle up everything you know, all the things you love to do and make a business out of it. You can teach what you know. You can solve problems for other people. You can create something that fulfills a need for someone else. Think about all the conversations you have with your friends. What are they always asking you about? What do you know more about than anyone else you know? Take some time to explore all of your skills, all of your experiences, and all of the things you like to do.

2. You Can Work from Anywhere

It doesn’t matter where you’re stationed, you can create a business that allows you the freedom to work from anywhere. Now you can easily operate a business with a smart phone and a laptop. There are even ways to automate your business so that you can literally make money while you sleep.  Your office can be your kitchen, the coffee shop, base housing or the Bahamas!  Having the freedom to work from anywhere is amazing! It’s absolutely possible and a lot easier than you think to accomplish.

3. Self Fulfillment

As it turns out, you’re more than just a spouse, a mom, and a perpetual diaper changer.  You have skills, experiences, and talents that make you who you are. Maybe you went to school for years or  really excel in your areas of expertise.  But, this military life has made it quite the challenge for you to continue being YOU in all that entails. Having your own business can provide you with that sense of fulfillment knowing that you’re making an impact out in the world AND at home.

4. You’re the Boss.

You get to make your own schedule. You want to work Monday, Wednesday and Fridays, you can do that?  Want to only work during naptimes, that’s okay too. Having your own business allows you the freedom to work when you want to work. You report to yourself so you can decide how you want to run your business. No more calling in sick, no more adjusting schedules that don’t work for your family. You’re the boss, you run your business however you want.

5. Generate Income for Your Family

It’s time to stop stressing over the family finances. Maybe right now it’s difficult to visit family far away from your current duty station or perhaps you want to send your kids to private school but it’s way too expensive. Maybe you just want to go out on a fun date night with your spouse and not feel so guilty about it! Or maybe, you need to hire a babysitter so that you can have a few moments by yourself. These are all great reasons to want to generate more income for your family. Start your own business, promote your products and services and make money. It’s fairly straightforward, you just have to take action.

6. You Get to Help People

Whether you’re solving a problem or fulfilling a need, your business can make an amazing impact. Is there a group of people you want to help, or a special type of person that could truly benefit from your services?  What if a product you have an idea for could make someone’s day a little brighter or help them through a difficult time? What if you could be the light someone so desperately needs to find? You can help so many people with that brilliant mind of yours.  Don’t be selfish and keep it all to yourself!

7. It’s FUN!

Creating a business is SERIOUSLY FUN! When you start your own business based on the things you love doing, and the people you genuinely want to help, then you’ve created a winning combination for the perfect business.  You want a business that you can’t wait to wake up each day and get to work on. It’s fun to open your laptop each morning and see the sales pouring in overnight, the emails from happy customers thanking you for doing what you do and knowing that you’re making a difference in the world. Plus, you get to meet so many wonderful people both online and offline that you’re never lonely.

If you’re ready to create your own business, it’s time to take action!  You can do this.  Don’t wait another day thinking about your dreams. Get out there and make it happen! If you’re interested in starting a business but not exactly sure where to start, be sure to check out my free video series on How to Create Your Own PCS Proof Business.



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