Are you sitting on your gifts? You've been blessed with so many talents, skills and life experiences. But, what are you doing with them? Answer this important question today.

I have a very important question for you today that I want you to honestly answer.
Are you sitting on your gifts? 
You’ve been blessed with so many talents, skills and life experiences.
But, what are you doing with them?
Maybe you can…
Maybe you’re…
Good with your hands
Maybe you’ve…
Lived in so many different places
Experienced some rough things in life
Researched a topic and are extremely knowledgeable
Wondered if things could be different
…and maybe you’re not sure those things that make you, YOU, are actually gifts.
Well, I’m here to tell you that THEY ARE.  
Your gifts are yours and yours alone.
You only get to live once, so what are you doing with them?
There are people out there that need you, RIGHT NOW.
They need to hear the words that you have to say.
They need to read the words that you write.
They need to be inspired, encouraged.
They need an easier way of doing things that you know how to do.
They need the products you can create.
They need the services that you can offer.
And maybe you’re still sitting because you think using your gifts is…
No, the only thing selfish is keeping all of those God-given gifts to yourself. 
I want to encourage you today to stop sitting, to get up and find a way, YOUR WAY of utilize your gifts to help other people today.  
If you need help figuring out how to turn those gifts into a business, I can help you with that.
I’ve got two resources for you today:
1) My Free Video Training Series.  Here’s the link again in case it’s been awhile since you’ve seen it. This is the series where you learn how to identify the right idea based off your gifts. Plus, you’ll receive my free Idea Starter Kit, a workbook to help you identify your gifts.
3) Basic Trainingthis is the program is the fast-track to developing your purpose-driven business ideas and learning how to make money from anywhere you’re stationed.
You can do this.
Here’s to helping those that need you now,


Are you sitting on your gifts?

Posted by Kayla Roof on Friday, April 14, 2017



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