9 Smart Ways to Prep Your Business for a Move

9 Smart Ways To Prep Your Business For A Move 

Is a PCS on the schedule for you this summer? If so, I’m sending a giant virtual hug your way. You’ve got a lot on your plate. I know that for a fact because I’m looking at a cross-country move just around the corner, too!

Your to-do list continues to grow for miles as you need to get your rental home cleaned up and ready to go for the next family. You want to sift through your belongings and sell or donate those you no longer need (or want!). Oh, and you need to research new homes and schools surrounding your next duty station. I could go on and on. Not to mention, you also have your business to think about.

So, all that to say, that smart brain of yours is probably experiencing a serious amount of overload. And, for a good reason! This time of year pulls you in many different directions and can lead even the most organized person to curl up into a giant ball of stress.

But, no matter what industry you’re in, I’m here to tell you it is possible for your business to continue thriving during your upcoming move. You just need the right tips to learn how to prep for success beforehand!

Are you anxious to hear what those tips are? I thought so! Let’s talk through Kayla’s nine favorites below.

1. Think about your travel plans a few months in advance.

About two months ago, my husband and I began laying out our exact travel plans and preferred pack-out dates to get us from one duty station to the next. Even though you can’t plan for much as a military family, having a general idea of our PCS schedule gave me the chance to map out client projects that would be affected and the best course of action to get ahead. Check out Kayla’s post on How to Create a PCS Prep Timeline 

That way, I knew I wouldn’t miss deadlines or new opportunities because we all know that running a business can’t (and shouldn’t!) come to a halt during this time. That’s all part of why we created a PCS Proof™ product or service in the first place, right?

Also, be sure to account for the unknown while mapping out your moving schedule—think travel delays, the need to work out of a hotel room in case your home isn’t ready, or extra time to get organized once your household goods finally arrive.

As much as you may want to procrastinate on a project that isn’t due until July (and you think you’ll be all settled into your new location), imagine how much weight will be lifted off your shoulders if you actually get to work on it now!

 2. Be open with your customers and clients.

Once you have your travel plans laid out as best you can, be as open as possible with your customers and clients. What I mean by that is don’t hold back in sharing your out of office dates with them as early as you can, as well as your plan of action to meet their needs.

That way, you both can get on the same page, and they can rest assured knowing you won’t just push their project off your list, and let it sit and collect dust until you’re ready to dive back into work. Instead, you’ll continue meeting deadlines on time (or well in advance), so you can focus solely on PCSing when the time comes!

3. Batch and schedule content now.

If you have a service-based business, the best way to meet deadlines for your clients in a promptly is to batch and schedule out their content now (if possible)—from social media posts to blog posts, videos, podcasts, and more.

For example, because I often have blog post topics ready for clients well in advance, I’ve already started designating manageable chunks of time to brainstorm, outline, write, and schedule for those posts that’ll go live in the summer months. It helps me stay focused and productive so I can remain ahead!

When it comes to this tip, however, you should also consider batching and scheduling out content for your own business. Full disclosure: I’m guilty of putting my heart and soul into crafting content and strategy for my clients, which leaves me with little to no energy to give to my own business. So, batching the content creation process for my website before our moving date will allow me to stay active and relevant on the platforms my business BFFs frequent.

On top of that, think of ways you can weave PCS-related content into the mix to save you some brainstorming time! After all, documenting and sharing the moving process with your people will allow them to feel even more connected to you.

 4. Schedule a big sale or project to complete before your pack-out date.

Having a rough idea of your travel plans well in advance will give you the opportunity to book a big project, or schedule a big launch or sale to complete before your pack-out date. As much as you may not want to create more work for yourself, doing this will help front-load your income and take some stress off your shoulders so you can focus on taking the time you need to go throughout your move.

 5. Automate whatever you can!

Make use of the tools you currently have on your side (or add some new ones to the mix), so you can put routine processes on automatic and shift your focus to your travels. Personally, I love MailChimp for email sequences, Buffer for social media scheduling, Tailwind for Pinterest scheduling, and Zapier for the rest of my automation needs!

Additionally, think of a way you can make money on auto-pilot, such as adding a digital product (ex. An eBook, mini-course, etc.) or physical product to your toolkit. That way, you can continue to generate income even when you’re unable to put in the hours while you’re on the road, in the hotel room, or impatiently waiting for your belongings to arrive at your new home.

 6. Repurpose evergreen content.

As a content creator and strategist, I often find business owners don’t utilize their existing content enough. Remember, you can always recycle evergreen blog posts, videos, and more to save you time from having to create brand new materials. More often than you may think, there are so many people out there who haven’t seen or read it just yet!

7. Set aside some money for advertising.

Wondering how your email list will continue growing or blog posts will get noticed while you’re on the move? Wonder no more. You can set aside some money—starting today—for Facebook advertising efforts. In the past, I’ve scheduled ads to run for as little as $5-$10 a day, and it’s helped grow my clients’ blog post traffic even when I’m not actively doing much!

8. Outsource what you can’t handle.

If you’re a little late to the game and aren’t left with much time to pre-plan, look to military spouse mastermind groups (ex. The Work from Anywhere Business Club, Milspo Project Accelerator, and MilSpouse Creative) to find a fellow talented spouse who you can pay to handle specific tasks. Trust me when I say it’ll be a worthwhile investment.

9. Keep your inventory moving.

If you’re a product-based business, consider sending a box of your inventory to a friend or someone who can be trusted to ship the pieces to customers on your behalf. Yes, this will require some training ahead of time. But, it’ll keep you from having to close up shop.

Also, if after pre-planning your travel dates, you know your shipping will need to be delayed for two to three weeks (or more), don’t hesitate to note that on your site. Those who genuinely want and need your product will wait, and appreciate you being open and honest with them!

As a business owner, I know it can be an uncomfortable thought to unplug for weeks from your work. But, take it one day at a time to get organized and prep your business for your upcoming PCS. When you do, it’ll be easier for you to be in the moment with your family, make memories (and share some laughs when a wrench is thrown into your plans!), and get settled into your new duty station!

Rebecca Alwine
Carrie is the owner of Carried Away Creative Co.a marketing boutique dedicated to lightening the writing workload for big-hearted lady bosses and milspopreneurs. She’s devoted to assisting them stand out in this rather noisy universe of words with services ranging from copywriting to content creation and strategy, and even editing and proofreading. 
When she’s not busy typing away in her spare-bedroom-turned-office, she can be found in athleisure attire 99.9% of the time, hanging out with her husband and Lab Retriever, or watching cheesy reality TV shows.



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