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You've thought about starting your own business,

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Kayla Roof Business Advisor for Ambitious Military Spouses

Hi, I’m Kayla

I help create, launch, and grow businesses that give you the freedom to work on your own schedule. My goal is to help you put the pieces together so your ideas can take shape, your business can flourish and you can have a business you love.  After earning my MBA,  spending 12 years helping businesses with their marketing and advertising, and developing my own businesses, I’ve now created a platform to help aspiring entrepreneurs.  I teach my clients how to develop businesses centered around their God-given gifts, talents and expertise. I help take simple ideas and turn them into profitable companies that allow my clients to be work-at-home moms, spouses, and entrepreneurs.


I work with women that want to build a business they love.

You have been given gifts that no one else has been given. You have unique experiences and areas of expertise to share with the world. From these gifts and experiences, dreams and ideas have been floating around in your head for years. It’s time to bottle up everything you know, and bring those dreams to life!

Creating a business is now easier than ever.

Through my signature program, The Work From Anywhere Business® Academy, I give entrepreneurs actionable steps on:

  • How to Build a Business Based on Your Gifts, Talents and Expertise
  • How to Decide what Kind of Business to Start
  • How to Sell Physical Products, Services and Digital/Information Products
  • How to Make Money from Blogging
  • How to Launch Your Online Headquarters
  • How to Develop your Marketing Plan
  • How to Use Social Media to Grow Your Business
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Just like you, I wear many hats.

These three are my favorite:




Other hats include: Shark Tank Season 10 Survivor, play-date coordinator, dinner maker, military spouse, toddler tamer, and amateur barista.

My Story



I’m a proud military wife and mom to a toddler and a baby boy. After graduating from The University of Georgia with a degree in marketing, I spent 8 years working at television stations as a marketing consultant for local businesses and national brands. This worked out great for many years because wherever we PCS’d, there was always a television station for me to work at.   While stationed in San Diego, I decided to go to grad school at night and get my MBA with an emphasis in marketing and entrepreneurship. I continued to work in television and had the opportunity to work for NBC, FOX, CW, and CBS networks, helping over 150 companies grow their business.

In 2012, I was pregnant with my first son and we had another deployment and PCS looming.  I knew that being a MOM was going to be way more important to me than any 9 to 5 job, no matter how much I was getting paid.  Trying to balance a stressful job, a newborn, and deployment was not something I was looking forward to. So, I quit. 

Quitting my job and staying home left A LOT of weird feelings.  I LOVED being a mom, but I had been so used to working that I really felt lost at first. “What am I doing?  What was the point of getting that MBA?”  We all know that being a MOM is ENOUGH. It’s the craziest, most awesome and fulfilling job out there; but, I knew there was something else I was supposed to do, TOO. I knew there was a way to FIGURE out how to be a stay at home mom AND start my own business.  So, I did.

I started my first business, a marketing firm, helping local businesses with their strategic planning and advertising placement. I grew this business from one client to handling over one million in advertising dollars in just three years…without even having a website.

Since starting The Work from Anywhere Business Academy in 2016, I’ve helped thousands of women with my classes, training, and support. I’ve even launched additional businesses, including an e-commerce store that did $200,000+ in the first 30 days.  With this success, I ended up on Shark Tank Season 10 in December of 2018. 

We moved across the country, again, and I’ve been able to work from anywhere. With just a laptop and my phone, I can handle business from anywhere we go. I worked while visiting my husband in Dubai, from my parents house, from our vacation at Lake Tahoe, and our trip to the Dominican Republic. It’s been awesome!

I want the same for you too. If you have dreams of starting your own business, I’m here to help.

Official Bio

Get to know Kayla Roof-Business Advisor, Shark Tank Season 10 Survivor and the Creator of The Work from Anywhere Business Academy. Kayla helps women create purpose-driven businesses that allow them the ability to work from anywhere.  Since 2005, Kayla Roof, MBA, has been helping companies generate sales by combining the power of television with the force of the internet and social media. With product and service sales of over 18 million, Kayla worked as a local consultant for television stations, helping over 150 companies produce dramatic business growth. Graduating from The University of Georgia with a BBA in Marketing and from San Diego State with an MBA, including an emphasis in marketing and entrepreneurship, Kayla’s marketing plans have been emulated across the country. In 2012, she started her own marketing firm and quickly built that business into a successful agency handling over 1 million in advertising annually. In 2014, she launched and turned her blog into a local television show in Jacksonville, Florida, focused on helping military spouses get dialed into their new city. Since launching The Work from Anywhere Business Academy, thousands of women have taken Kayla’s classes and received her training and support.  In 2018, Kayla launched an e-commerce business with her family resulting in over half a million sales the first year and landing her on Shark Tank Season 10, features in Forbes and CNBC. Proud military spouse, mom of two boys, and flourishing entrepreneur, Kayla currently resides in Alabama where she focuses on helping other women create their own businesses.

Kayla Roof, Business Advisor for Ambitious Military Spouses

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