How to Create a PCS Prep Timeline for Your Business

How to Create a PCS PREP Timeline for Your Business


Whether you’ve got 6 months or 6 weeks, you can take simple steps to prep your business for your upcoming move. These steps also work REALLY well if you’re looking to dial back your workload at any time in the year. Helloooo Summer!  Today, on Day 1 of the #pcsprepyourbiz challenge we’re going to take a look at what you can do each month to get ready.  I’m going to show you how to create a PCS Prep timeline for your business.


Knowing exactly how much time you have to prep is essential to manage your time wisely. Mark the month you’re moving and figure out how many weeks you have to prepare from this point. I also want you to think about realistically how many weeks you’re going to be in transition.  Last year when we PCS’d, we left our home in June but didn’t get into our new home until August.  Take into account unpacking and getting settled so that you can prep more and stress less. Our goal is to take the anxiety out of moving so that you can focus on your family to ensure the transition goes smoothly for everyone.



My whole goal here is to ensure you have a PCS Proof™ business, one that will move with you and allow you the freedom to work from anywhere. If you’re just getting started and you want to know what kinds of businesses will allow you this kind of freedom, then be sure to check out The Ultimate List of PCS Proof Business Ideas.  If you’re here because you have a business and you want to learn how to get ready for the move then you’re in the right place! Here’s a quick timeline to help you plot out what you need to do first.


6-12 Months Out

Plan out your promotional calendar. Take a look at when would be the best time for you to conduct a launch or host a sale during the next six months. I recommend doing at least one big promotion BEFORE the move, that way you’re not stressing financially during the transition.  If you have inventory, this will help lighten your load before the packers arrive.


Find #hashtags for your new town. You can start following potential clients that relate to what you do, who you may want to network with and who might be interested in your services. You’ll be finding new people to follow here and commenting on their photos.  The goal here is to grow your following in your new town. Don’t start pitching, just begin establishing a brand with potential followers in your new town. This will also help you figure out what there is to do around your new town.


-Focus on Pinterest. If you don’t have a Pinterest strategy yet, now is a good time to develop one. Pinterest is a GREAT tool to keep traffic coming to your website throughout your move. You can automate your pins with a great tool called Tailwind.



3 Months Out


-Start batching content creation.  Let’s say you are moving in July and you normally post once a week to your blog. Put a date on your calendar to create the blog posts that you will want to post in July. If you do video, pick a date to create 4 new videos to put out during that time. You’ll remove the need for having to write or make videos while you’re moving. Schedule them to go out and you’ll be feeling great!


-Repurpose your content. Use those blog posts you created to continue to communicate with your customers throughout the moving process.  You can use the content in your email newsletter where you will schedule your newsletter to go out weekly while you move.  Communicating with potential customers is huge while you’re in transition.  Email is a great way to stay first of mind without feeling like you’ve ghosted your tribe.


2 Months Out


Create and schedule social media posts to go out while you’re moving. I recommend doing an entire month to help take the stress of the move.  Don’t feel like you need to reinvent the wheel with every post. Repurpose your old content and share it again. Remember that awesome post you wrote last year? Share it again!  I like to schedule directly to Facebook and use a 3rd Party like Hootsuite or Buffer for Instagram and Twitter.


-Start letting your customers know when you’ll be in transition and unable to work.  Depending on what you do, you may be able to operate 100% normal during the move.  I didn’t skip a beat with my advertising agency because all I had to do was send a few emails from the hotels. However, if you have a business where you’re going to be needed on calls, have deliverables due or activities that aren’t possible during your move, the best thing to do is to be very open with your clients and let them know. That way they can prepare and it will take the stress off of both you.


-Identify any activities you may want to outsource. If you want to post on your blog but simply don’t have the time, considering hiring a writer. Or better yet, ask for guest posts and schedule those to go out while you’re in transition.


-If you have a physical product-based business, consider having someone else ship out your products for you. Can you send a box to a family member so you can keep selling? Or, can you keep some inventory with you so that you can drop them in the mail as sales come in?


1 Month Out


 -Keep your important business documents with you during the move.   Business checkbook, LLC paperwork, business licenses, etc. You don’t want that potentially getting lost in the move.


-Closeout any mailboxes you may have opened. I open a PO BOX in each of our towns for PERSEC purposes. If you utilize email marketing, you are required to post your address on every email.  I use a PO BOX so that my home address is not listed on every email that goes out.  I also like to make sure all mail will be forwarded and the box is shut down before we go.


-Finish and schedule any social media and email newsletters. If you offer digital products, consider prepping an email to sell one of your products while you’re in transition so that you can keep revenue coming in while you move!


Move Time:

You’ve prepped your business. It’s time to focus on the move and your family. Change is sometimes hard for little ones so it’s important that you be 100% present for your family.  Know that your business will be just fine and you can hit the ground running once you’re settled! Take a deep breath. You’ve got this!



Mark the month you’re moving and figure out how many weeks you have to prepare from this point. Join us on Instagram for the 30 Day PCS Prep Your Biz Challenge! 

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How to Create a PCS Prep Timeline for Your Business



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