Plan Your 2018 Social Media-A 7 Day Challenge to a simpler life and a thriving business

I’m going to bet that stressing less and enjoying life more, is on your radar for this year.

Let’s be honest, there’s a lot of pieces that go into building a thriving business.

Since social media came into play as one of the easiest, cheapest and fastest ways to grow a business, our whole world changed as business owners. It’s now EASIER THAN EVER to create, launch, and grow a business.

Especially one that you can take with you wherever you go.

I LOVE SOCIAL MEDIA.  It’s no secret. I love how easy it is to communicate with my tribe. I love that my audience can take my information and grow their own businesses. I love that I can use Facebook and Instagram to generate income for my business.  I love how Pinterest drives traffic to my website on a daily basis without me even having to log in. I love that I can schedule posts to go out while I’m playing with my kids or on vacation.


Sounds pretty good, right?


It’s all rainbows, butterflies and even a few unicorns in my world.


The reality is that it wasn’t ALWAYS like this.  In fact, there was a period not too long ago, I actually began to hate social media. I felt like it was RUNNING my life.

Like all good things, they can eventually become a burden.

What once was a fun way to communicate and get new customers became the biggest time burglar of my life.

Social media can suck you into making you feel tied to your phone, stressing out over what to post next and stealing the fun right out of your business.

So I sought out to create a better way.

I created a system to streamline social media, plan out weeks of content in advance and put my posts on autopilot.

This system is one I can replicate all year long to make running social media a little easier.

In fact, it helps me create my social media marketing plan every quarter.

Because of this, I can now free up more time back in my business for the things I actually enjoy doing.

Such as….writing blog posts for you, working with my clients and creating new products and services.

And when I’m not doing that, I’m spending more time with my husband and my family.

So, let’s make a promise this year.  Let’s commit to less time stressing over social media and more FUN?

I want to extend to you a special invitation for you to join me for my free 7-day challenge where I share my system with you. That’s right, I’m sharing it for FREE because I don’t want you stressing anymore about social media. We’ve got bigger fish to fry when it comes to building a dream business. I’m a business advisor, my whole mission is to make running a business EASIER for you. Are you in?  Click here to join the challenge. 



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