I feel like I have someone I can go to to help me find a proper direction for my business. I’m more clear about the steps I need to take to grow my business and I’m more confident that I’m heading in the right direction. I love her focus on creating a “work from anywhere” business that supports the military family. I also love how sweet and helpful she is! I learned that there is a large variety of opportunities to pursue within a business, and that the skills to create an at-home business are attainable by anyone. I have a definitive goal for my business and a toolkit to get me there.  I 100% recommend The Work from Anywhere Business Academy. I’m in several courses and programs, but hers is my absolute favorite.

Jessica T.

Imagineered Vacations

The Work from Anywhere Business Academy is the best investment I’ve made in my business. I was completely lost with marketing and had no support from people who understood what I was hoping to do. WFABA has given me the tools to market myself and make my site more marketable. The community that comes with WFABA has be more valuable then I ever imagined. I love how accessible Kayla is to her students (us!) but also how honest and direct she is in all her videos and advice. She shows first hand how to work from anywhere.

C. Cunat Spencer

Military to Million

Kayla has a seemingly endless wealth of marketing experience to draw from. The advice she gave helped to pull the final pieces of my product together. She has assisted me in developing and pricing the marketing options to best meet the needs of my clients. Kayla provided the information and experience I was looking for, and empowered me expand the options and services I was providing. Thanks Kayla!

Charlotte M.

My Active Child

Kayla has given me the extra push I needed to start getting real and getting my business up and going. The Work from Anywhere Business Academy has helped me SO much! It has given me a place to start and a goal to work towards each night. I love talking with Kayla in our phone conversations. After hanging the phone from a coaching call, I feel so motivated and excited about by business! She has a knack for helping you bust through the setback and surge on to getting things up and going. And setting up a realistic place to get things done.I learned how to start with a cohesive brand and how to develop a niche for your market. Being able to speak to that imaginary customer has helped me find my voice.My blog launch is actually becoming a reality! Her price point if very realistic especially for someone JUST starting out and scared to spend much on themselves. All of her content is so helpful.

Kathryn O.

The Carpool Knitter

Kayla encouraged me to think outside the box when it came to ways to monetize my blog and helped me navigate the big “how?” question running through my mind. Kayla was the absolute driving force to get me thinking of selling online courses and e-guides, products every blogger would love to offer in order to make passive income, but many are too daunted about where to start or how to execute. I started with mindset of traditional monetization blogging strategies that included affiliate networks, ad income, and sponsored posts. Working with Kayla gave me a ton of new ideas to build my blog into a brand with sellable, evergreen products, in order to help me work LESS and make MORE.

Chrissa B.

Physical Kitchness

The insight provided through this program along with her interactive Facebook page is priceless. Kayla’s business academy has provided us with so many resources and opportunities we didn’t even know we had as a small company. Kayla always makes herself available to answer any questions you may have.  I’ve learned so much which gets me excited to keep pushing through!! Kayla really has done a beautiful job at laying out all the ins and outs to running a business on the go. And by on the go, I mean PCSing all over the place. . Absolutely! Hands down, yes! I would recommend The Work from Anywhere Business Academy.

Emily R.

Rocco & Norah

Kayla’s professionalism and passion for her work is evident in everything she helped me with. She was quick to answer questions and attentive to details that I was missing. She knew I was a business owner that had never attempted a website or E-commerce business. She was easy to work with and never made me feel silly for asking questions that may have seemed simple. She truly wants to help business owners succeed. I would recommend Kayla to every business owner. Especially someone that is beginning the process of starting a website. Without Kayla’s help I know my website would not be finished and launched already. It was because of her advise and expertise in this field that I was able to accomplish everything I did and in such a short time.

Sommer M

Lularoe Retailer

Kayla’s advice and planning has given me the tools and knowledge to launch my new business with a positive image and trusted identity, and has given me several strategies to reach my target audience through web and traditional media. I would absolutely recommend Kayla’s services to anyone who is starting a new business and needs guidance. Her presentation is clear, effective, and thorough, and offers a great guide toward a successful business launch.

Nicole R.


Kayla has shown me how to connect my message with a broader market in order to reach my ideal clients. I am just in the beginning of my program with Kayla and had no idea how many steps I was missing, as far as marketing my services to my ideal clients is concerned. She has shown me avenues to reach clients that I didn’t know how to access! She has and continues to guide me toward more and more potential clients. Kayla is kind, straightforward and empowering. I appreciate her insight and expertise.

Anna B.

Anna Burril, Your Health Coach

I can’t tell you how much I appreciate your guidance and input. It feels so right and amazing to be creating my own career path.

Nicole L.

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